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At MINT kids, we think all patients should get the care they need for a healthy smile in the most comfortable way possible. Our premier pediatric dental facility is pleased to offer nitrous oxide gas and oral-conscious sedation to kids and teens who may be fearful or anxious when visiting the dentist. Sedation techniques can be combined will all types of dental procedures, from routine cleanings to tooth extraction services. Talk with our friendly Dallas, TX team today to learn more about how we can make your child's trip to the dentist a positive experience with our relaxing sedation options.

Sedation Options

MINT kids is pleased to offer the following sedation dentistry services:

Nitrous Oxide Sedation: Commonly referred to as "laughing gas," nitrous oxide sedation produces mild sedative effects that begin to work very quickly. Patients inhale nitrous oxide gas through a small mask worn over the nose while undergoing dental treatments. Within minutes of breathing in the odorless gas, patients feel relaxed, happy, and at ease. The effects of nitrous oxide sedation dissipate shortly after the gas is stopped, returning the patient to a normal state within minutes.

Oral-Conscious Sedation: Administered in the form of a prescription medication taken by mouth, oral-conscious sedation offers a more moderate level of relaxation. Patients take this mediation about an hour prior to their dental visit. When receiving oral-conscious sedation, the patient is awake and can interact with our team. However, their memory of the procedure may be limited and they may feel drowsy or groggy during the visit and for several hours after.

Best Candidates

As pediatric specialists, our team of dentists is trained and certified to administer nitrous oxide gas and oral-conscious sedation services to children and teen patients. Sedation techniques may be ideal for your child if they have dental anxiety or fear, multiple treatment needs, or difficultly remaining still during care. One of our MINT kids dentists will review your child's medical history, dental health, and any fears or concerns and then make a suggestion on the type of sedation that would be effective at helping them to relax and feel at ease.

What to Expect

The sedation process for your child's visit will depend on the option chosen and can be utilized for all types of dental procedures. When your child arrives, we will sit them comfortably in one of our treatment rooms and provide them with a pair of Beats headphones to enjoy during their visit. Nitrous oxide is delivered through a nasal mask and provides temporary sedative effects while the gas is being inhaled. Throughout the entire visit, our team will closely monitor the amount of gas that is administered and will manage the level to ensure the appropriate amount is given to your child. With oral-conscious sedation, your child will take a prescription medication an hour before the visit, and the effects may last for several hours and may cause them to drift off to sleep during the visit. Sedation techniques may be combined with a local anesthetic to ensure a comfortable procedure for your child. Regardless of the type of sedation received, our highly trained team will monitor your child's vitals to ensure their safety and comfort while under our care at MINT kids.


Following treatment with sedation dentistry, our MINT kids pediatric team will inform you of what to expect and how long the effects may last. Nitrous oxide generally leaves the body within 3 – 5 minutes once the gas is no longer administered. Oral-conscious sedation medication may take several hours to fully wear off and may leave your child fatigued for the rest of the day; however, this effect should wane in about 24 hours or so. We recommend that your child rests and remains hydrated, avoiding any type of physical activity until the next day.

Insurance Coverage

Before your child's procedure with sedation, our team will review your insurance coverage and let you know of any out-of-pocket costs. MINT kids wants every child to have access to the comfortable, quality care needed to achieve excellent oral health and will work with you to find a solution convenient for your family's budget. Talk to our business staff today to learn more about our flexible payment methods and financing solutions.

Relaxed, Stress-Free Visits

At MINT kids, our goal is to help kids enjoy positive, stress-free visits and have fond memories of their trips to the dentists. Our pediatric dentists are specially trained and certified in administering safe sedation dentistry techniques to children and teens to help them get the stress-free treatment they need for a healthy smile. Find out more about our sedation dentistry options by booking a consultation with our caring, kid-focused, Dallas, TX practice today.

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