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Our skilled pediatric dental team at MINT kids is proud to offer the latest in advanced, minimally invasive dentistry to your family. As part of our commitment to deliver best-in-class care, we utilize modern digital x-ray techniques to learn more about your child's oral health needs. This low-radiation approach is safe for patients of all ages and facilitates our efforts to provide early intervention and treat dental needs before they become larger issues. Digital x-rays allow a clear, concise view of areas in your child's teeth and jaw that cannot be seen when looking into the mouth. With x-rays, we can detect tooth decay, view unerupted or impacted teeth, screen for cysts and other concerns in the jaw, and properly plan for more efficient dental care. Our well-trained Dallas, TX pediatric team generally takes x-rays during routine dental exam visits.

Best Candidates

While dental x-rays are taken as a preventive measure, our experienced dentists may also recommend them to learn more about your child's restorative, orthodontic, or emergency care needs. Digital x-rays are faster, more efficient, and offer greater detail than their traditional film counterparts. They also emit about 90% less radiation, which is a safer and healthier option for your child. Our experienced team utilizes advanced x-ray techniques and takes precautionary measures to minimize radiation exposure for our patients. At MINT kids, we only take x-rays as needed, such as to evaluate a particular concern or on a yearly basis to screen preventively for potential issues. Many times, dental problems are detected on x-rays before they ever become evident in the mouth.

What to Expect

The process for taking digital x-rays at MINT kids is quite comfortable and generally completed within a few minutes. Using x-rays sensors that are small and designed specifically for kids, our team will work quickly to capture highly detailed images of your child's teeth and jaw. Every few years, our dentists may recommend taking a panoramic x-ray, which shows the entire mouth in a single view, allowing us to evaluate your child's eruption pattern, wisdom teeth positioning, and any potential orthodontic needs. Once taken, these digital images are immediately uploaded into our software system. We can then show you any areas of concern or abnormalities and review treatment options, if necessary.


In most cases, a set of bitewing x-rays will be taken during your child's annual dental exam visit at MINT kids or as needed to evaluate any special oral concerns. Every few years, a panoramic x-ray will be recommended so that our dentists can comprehensively evaluate your child's oral health, including their teeth, jawbone, and other structures. Each set of x-rays taken will be kept in your child's digital file and referred to as needed to track their oral health, development, and treatment needs as they grow.

Insurance Coverage

Digital x-rays are usually covered by dental insurance when taken as part of a dental exam. Before your child's visit, we can contact your insurance provider to review your coverage and let you know if there may be any uncovered costs. Our pediatric team at MINT kids believes that every child should receive the dental care needed to enjoy excellent oral health. To learn more about your payment options, including special financing, talk to a member of our friendly team today.

Minimally Invasive Diagnostics

Digital x-rays are a minimally invasive tool essential in helping us diagnose oral problems that may be affecting your child's health and wellness. These advanced images can also reveal whether your child's teeth are in a position to erupt properly and if orthodontics or other types of care may be needed at some point. X-rays may allow for early intervention and minimize the risk of greater treatment needs down the road. To schedule a dental exam with x-rays for your child or teen, contact MINT kids in Dallas, TX today.

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