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Our team of pediatric dentists at MINT kids makes every effort to save your child's teeth with expert care and techniques. In some cases, however, the best treatment for reestablishing oral health is a tooth extraction. Simple tooth extractions remove teeth that are visible above the gumline, whereas surgical extractions are used to take out teeth that are fully or partially impacted in the gum and bone. We also offer custom space maintainers to preserve a missing tooth site until the underlying adult tooth is ready to erupt. If your child needs to have a tooth removed, you can always count on our caring team to provide the highest level of care, comfort, and compassion. MINT kids offers sedation dentistry options, including oral-conscious sedation and nitrous oxide, to ensure your little one remains calm and care-free during their procedure. Find out more about our gentle approach toward tooth extractions by scheduling a consultation at our Dallas, TX pediatric dental practice.

Space Maintainers

When baby teeth must be extracted, it often takes some time for the associated permanent teeth to erupt. A space maintainer is a custom appliance made to preserve and hold open this site until the eruption of the underlying adult tooth occurs. This may be necessary as the surrounding and opposing teeth can migrate into the open space and prevent the proper eruption of permanent teeth. A space maintainer is composed of smooth metal and acrylic material and is bonded to a child's upper or lower tooth. Our exceptional MINT kids pediatric dentists can help you determine if a space maintainer is necessary following your child's tooth extraction.

Best Candidates

Children may require tooth extractions for a number of reasons. While our skilled MINT kids team will make every effort to repair a damaged or decayed tooth with a filling or crown, there may be some instances where teeth cannot be saved and must be removed to preserve your child's smile. A tooth extraction may also be necessary to facilitate orthodontic treatment, to allow for proper tooth alignment, or to remove certain teeth that lack sufficient space to erupt properly. Stubborn baby teeth that do not exfoliate (fall out) on their own may need a little assistance with a gentle tooth extraction so that the underlying adult tooth can erupt in a natural way. Teenagers may need to have impacted or malpositioned wisdom teeth removed to improve their oral health and comfort.

What To Expect

At MINT kids, we place your child's health, safety, and comfort as our highest priorities. Upon arrival for your child's extraction visit, we will seat them in one of our comfortable chairs and give them a pair of our signature MINT sunglasses to wear. They will also be given Beats headphones to wear or allowed to choose something to watch on our in-room TV to keep them occupied during the procedure. We can also provide sedation techniques to help them feel more relaxed and at ease if you prefer. Once the area is numbed with a local anesthetic, we will work quickly but efficiently to gently extract the tooth. Our MINT kids clinical team will let you know what to expect as your child heals and how to maintain their teeth and gums during the recovery period.


Following the extraction procedure, your child should take the remainder of the day to relax and recuperate. They may feel a bit groggy for a few hours if sedation was administered. During the healing process, it is important that your child avoids drinking through a straw and spitting. A diet of soft, room temperature foods and drinks is also recommended for the first few days after the extraction. It is normal for the mouth to be swollen and a little sore following an extraction. To keep your child comfortable, our pediatric dentists may recommend cold compresses against the face and nonprescription pain relievers. An antibiotic may be prescribed if a tooth infection was the reason for the extraction. Along with a follow-up appointment to check the healing, your child should also keep up with routine dental care at MINT kids so that we can continue to monitor the health of their smile.

Insurance Coverage

Tooth extractions are often a covered benefit under most dental insurance plans; however, sedation dentistry services may be a personal expense. Our knowledgeable office staff will review your plan specifics and let you know of any out-of-pocket costs. MINT kids in Dallas, TX is dedicated to helping all children get the quality care needed for a healthy start in life. Talk with our team for information on affordable financial solutions to cover your family's needs without financial worry.

Gentle Tooth Extractions

A tooth extraction may be the best way to bring health back to your child's smile. At MINT kids, we routinely perform gentle tooth extractions with sedation techniques for children of all ages, whether they have a damaged tooth, impacted teeth, or lack the space necessary for proper eruption. Our pediatric team also offers space maintainers to help preserve the extraction site until the adult teeth erupt. Connect with our Dallas, TX pediatric dentists today, and schedule a visit with a team that puts your child's smile first.

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