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Dental emergencies can be stressful for patients of all ages, especially for children. At MINT kids in Dallas, TX, our specially trained pediatric dentists offer the swift, efficient care your family needs when a dental emergency occurs. Emergency dental needs may include an infected or painful tooth, a chipped or broken tooth, teeth that have been damaged or knocked out, or injuries to the gums and other soft tissues of the mouth. Such incidents may occur during sports activities, accidents, trip-and-falls, and blunt-force trauma to the face or mouth. While your child may or may not be in pain, it is still very important to contact our team and have their mouth checked if such an injury occurs. If your child experiences an oral injury or damage, please call us right away. Our caring pediatric experts at MINT kids are here to take the fear, stress, and worry out of dental emergencies for you and your family and will provide tips on what to do until you arrive at our office.

Best Candidates

As a pediatric dental facility, MINT kids offers compassionate, efficient care to children and teens who are experiencing any type of dental emergency. Some dental emergencies are relatively minor, such as a broken tooth or restoration but usually require swift treatment. Even minor injuries can lead to greater dental needs if they are not treated in a timely manner. Other emergency situations, such as knocked-out teeth, tooth pain or infection, bleeding, or trauma to the lips, gums, or cheeks, should be treated right away. With knocked-out teeth, particularly, there is only a 30-minute window during which a tooth can be re-implanted into the jawbone in order to experience successful results. Please contact us immediately if your child experiences any trauma to the mouth so that our team can instruct you on how to proceed and minimize discomfort for your little one. We can also advise you on how to store any pieces of dental restorations or teeth that may have been dislodged during the incident.

What To Expect

We know that a dental emergency can be frightening, especially to a child. Our goal is to make your child feel safe and comfortable the moment they walk through our doors. Though each dental emergency requires a different approach to care, you can expect our MINT kids team to place your child's oral health, comfort, and smile as our top priority. When your child arrives at our office, one of our pediatric dentists will examine the injury and gain an understanding of your child's oral condition. We may take digital x-rays to evaluate any hidden concerns and determine the extent of your child's emergency needs. Before providing care, our team will review our findings and treatment recommendations with you. Our priority will be to restore comfort to your child's mouth, but we will strive to complete as much of the procedure as we can on that day using the most advanced techniques available in dentistry. Follow-up visits may be necessary to fully treat your child's oral health needs.


At the end of the emergency visit, instructions on how to best care for your child's mouth and help them recover will be given to you. Over-the-counter pain medications or prescription antibiotics may be recommended as needed by our team. Any follow-up needs or treatments will be discussed along with suggestions on how to avoid dental emergencies in the future. If your child is active in sports, a custom-made athletic mouth guard may be recommended. To help keep your child's smile as healthy as possible, they should keep up with brushing and flossing habits each day and visit our friendly MINT kids team for routine dental cleaning and exam visits. During these appointments, we will keep a close watch on how they heal and recover following their dental emergency.

Insurance Coverage

Dental insurance may cover a portion of your child's emergency dental care, depending on their needs. MINT kids accepts a range of easy payment solutions, including flexible financing options, to make covering the cost of your child's care more affordable and convenient for your family. Regardless of the type of emergency treatment your child may need, we are dedicated to providing a superior level of care for the smiles you love most. Our team at MINT kids is also committed to helping you find the payment method ideal for your family's budget.

Quick, Efficient Care

When a dental emergency affects your child's oral health, MINT kids is here to provide the emergency dental care they need. Dental emergencies, no matter how small or severe, should receive prompt care by a team dedicated to the health of your little one. Our specially trained pediatric dentists will work quickly and efficiently to comfort your child and preserve their dental health and smile. For compassionate urgent dental care when your family needs it most, get in touch with MINT kids in Dallas, TX right away.

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