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Fluoride is an important component in protecting your child's smile against tooth decay. As a naturally occurring element, fluoride is regarded as a factor essential to dental health by the ADA (American Dental Association), the AMA (American Medical Association), and the WHO (World Health Organization), along with other health organizations. Fluoride is present in certain foods and added to the municipal water supplies in many areas to help strengthen the teeth and bones and reduce the incidence of dental cavities (tooth decay). To further protect the smiles of Dallas, TX families, MINT kids is pleased to offer the latest in fluoride protection with in-office treatments often provided during fun, positive dental cleaning visits. Talk with our team today to learn more about how fluoride applications can help protect your child's smile from tooth decay.

Best Candidates

Children of every age may benefit from the use of quick and easy professional fluoride treatments at our pediatric practice. At MINT kids, we often provide fluoride applications to younger children with developing teeth, kids or teens who do not drink fluoridated water, and patients who are prone to tooth decay. Our pediatric dentists may also recommend that kids and teens who are wearing braces or other orthodontic appliances also have professional fluoride treatments. To make receiving fluoride a pleasant and positive experience for kids of all ages, we offer paint-on fluoride varnishes, gels, and rinses in a variety of flavors.

What to Expect

At MINT kids, topical fluoride treatments are generally provided twice a year and at the end of each dental cleaning visit. Once your child chooses their fluoride flavor, we will apply either a varnish solution to the teeth with a small brush, instruct your child to swish the fluoride rinse around their mouth, or placed gel-filled trays in their mouth for a short period of time. Special instructions on when your child can rinse, eat, drink, and brush following a fluoride application will be provided to you and your child.


An upset stomach or nausea may result if your child happens to swallow any fluoride following the application. This symptom, however, typically subsides within about 24 hours. Our MINT kids pediatric dentists may recommend prescription fluoride supplements for your child to take between visits, depending on their needs. Fluoride is toxic in large amounts so please be sure to give these tablets to your child exactly as recommended by our team. Though fluoride can help to strengthen your child's teeth and protect against tooth decay, they must still keep up with a good brushing and flossing routine each day and use a fluoridated toothpaste at home. During each of your child's biannual dental cleaning and exam visits at MINT kids, we will evaluate your child's oral health and monitor their needs for ongoing fluoride treatments.

Insurance Coverage

Professional fluoride treatments are often a covered dental insurance benefit for children and teens up to a certain age. Our knowledgeable business staff will help you maximize your insurance coverage and let you know if any out-of-pocket costs remain. MINT kids is committed to helping all patients enjoy the healthy bright smiles they deserve, regardless of insurance coverage, and will assist you in finding a viable solution for covering the cost of your family's dental care.

Healthy Smiles for Life

Fluoride treatments can help your child enjoy a happy, healthy smile for life. At MINT kids, we offer the latest in professional fluoride treatments for children and teens to strengthen their teeth and reduce the risk of dental cavities. Make your child an appointment for a dental cleaning and exam visit at our kid-focused Dallas, TX dental practice, and let them see how much fun dental visits can be!

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