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Cavities are a common dental problem among kids and are created when oral bacteria invade the enamel tooth structure. A silver material, known as amalgam, was used to repair decayed teeth in the past. However, we now understand that this metal compound does not bond as well with the teeth and may pose a hazard to your family's health. To provide the highest level of care in a way that best promotes oral and general health, the pediatric team at MINT kids in Dallas, TX is proud to offer tooth-colored composite fillings to treat decayed and chipped teeth. Composite blends beautifully with surrounding teeth and is fluoride-releasing, which helps minimize further tooth decay. If your child has a chipped tooth, a small cavity, or an old silver filling, a composite filling from our expert pediatric specialists may be a great treatment option.

Best Candidates

At MINT kids, we use the modern techniques proven to deliver the best possible results for your little ones. Tooth-colored fillings may be ideal for rebuilding and strengthening teeth that are damaged from tooth decay (cavities), flattened by teeth grinding (bruxism), or broken or chipped. Older amalgam fillings can often be replaced by natural-looking composite as well. Composite material is smooth (like tooth enamel), shaded to match your child's natural tooth color, and less invasive to place than silver amalgam.

What To Expect

We strive to make trips to the dentist fun, positive, and filled with pleasant memories for your kids. Before we begin the filling procedure, we will give your child a pair of MINT sunglasses to protect their eyes and let them choose a favorite show to watch on our in-room TV. Our pediatric dentists will then gently numb the tooth with a local anesthetic and can provide other sedation options if your child feels fearful or anxious. MINT kids uses the latest in dental tools and techniques to remove decayed or damage tooth structure and disinfect the tooth to ensure high-quality treatment results. When the tooth is prepared, we will choose a shade of composite that matches your child's enamel and layer the material in place. A special curing light will harden the filling, which will then be polished for a smooth feel. Your child's bite will be checked to ensure comfort and adjusted as needed.


After your child's composite filling is complete, our MINT kids team will review instructions on how to care for their new restoration, including any foods to avoid. Your child may notice slight sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures for a few days, but this should subside on its own. Nonprescription pain medications can be taken to minimize any discomfort. When the teeth are numb, it can often be difficult for patients to determine if the bite feels comfortable or not. We may have you bring your child back in a few days later for a quick bite adjustment following the visit. Keeping up with good oral care habits each day and routine dental cleanings twice a year is a great way for your child to maintain a healthy, bright smile. At these visits, our pediatric dentists can also let you know if the filling needs to be repaired or replaced at any point in time.

Insurance Coverage

Tooth-colored composite fillings are common procedures for treating cavities and broken or chipped teeth, for which most dental insurance plans do offer some coverage. We will reach out to your insurance provider to review your benefits schedule and help you maximize your coverage amounts. MINT kids is committed to making dental care affordable to all Dallas, TX area patients. If you incur out-of-pocket expenses, we will work with you to find convenient payment options or financing plans to help fit your family's dental care within your budget.

Seamless Composite Fillings

Treating common dental problems, like cavities, with seamless tooth-colored fillings in the early stages can help preserve your child's oral health and reduce the need for more extensive procedures later on. Our pediatric specialists at MINT kids strive to make dental visits fun, care-free, and positive even when treatments, like fillings, are needed. Put your child's smile in the hands of a team that places their comfort and safety first. Schedule a visit at MINT kids in Dallas, TX to learn if a composite filling can bring health back to your child's smile.

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