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Part of keeping your child's smile healthy and bright is identifying oral concerns as early as possible through routine dental examinations. At MINT kids, our specially trained pediatric dentistry team recommends dental exams for children and teens at least once each year, typically during one of their biannual dental cleaning visits. During a dental exam, we comprehensively evaluate the health of the teeth, gums, soft tissues, and jaw to diagnose any potential oral health or developmental concerns. These visits include a clinical evaluation where we visually check for signs of decay or oral disease and digital x-rays as needed to assess hidden areas within the mouth and jaw. By scheduling routine dental exams for your child with our Dallas, TX pediatric team, you can help give your child's smile the lasting health and support it needs to shine.

Best Candidates

Beginning at age 18 months, children and teens should receive dental exams at least once each year. Oral diseases, like tooth decay (cavities) and gingivitis (gum disease), may not be very obvious or easy to see in the early stages. Our pediatric dentists are highly trained and use the latest technology to identify dental problems earlier than ever, which often allows us to treat these concerns in a more conservative way. During these preventive dental exams, our team can screen for a wide range of common oral concerns, such as baby bottle tooth decay, the teething process, and pacifier use. Other issues, like jaw development concerns, eruption patterns, tooth impactions, and orthodontic needs, can also be evaluated and monitored during routine dental exams and as your child grows.

What To Expect

MINT kids takes a specialized, unique approach to create exciting and positive dental visits for children. Kids love visiting our practice and enjoy our iPads loaded with age-appropriate games and other fun features to make their visits even more pleasant. During a dental exam, our dentists will check your child's soft tissues, including the tongue, cheeks, palate, and other areas, to screen for any abnormalities. We will then use a small explorer instrument to evaluate each tooth for signs of cavities and check the integrity of any restorations. Depending on your child's needs, we may take advanced digital x-rays to screen for dental problems within the teeth and jaw, or areas we cannot readily visualize. Finally, your child's bite (how the upper and lower teeth meet) and temporomandibular joints (TMJ) will be evaluated to examine their oral function.


At the end of your child's dental exam, our pediatric team will review any findings with you and discuss treatment options, if necessary, to enhance your child's oral health. Additional appointments for dental care can be scheduled at this time if there are any treatment needs. Our friendly, caring MINT kids team is also happy to offer guidance on how you can assist your child each day in brushing, flossing, and caring for their smiles in the best possible way.

Insurance Coverage

Annual dental exams are often covered by dental insurances as a preventive care benefit. To better understand your coverage, a member of our staff will reach out to your provider and review your benefits schedule. Our MINT kids pediatric team is committed to ensuring that all Dallas, TX area children get the care they need for bright and happy smiles. If your family does not carry insurance or has out-of-pocket costs, please talk with our front desk about flexible payment options to help your child's care fit easily within your budget.

Proactive Pediatric Care

One of the best ways you can protect your child's oral health and smile is with a proactive approach to dental care. Annual dental exams allow our team of pediatric dentists to identify cavities, gingivitis, developmental concerns, and orthodontic needs early on to minimize treatment needs as your child makes their way through childhood and adolescence. MINT kids is dedicated to providing a fun environment in which kids can feel safe, comfortable, and happy when visiting the dentist. Schedule your child's dental exam at our Dallas, TX practice and partner with a team dedicated to providing best-in-class care for the ones you love most.

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