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At times, tooth damage or decay is too extensive to treat your child's smile with a filling. In these cases, our skilled pediatric dentists may recommend a dental crown, or "cap," to fully cover and protect a damaged tooth. MINT kids offers custom dental crowns to strengthen teeth that are moderately broken, decayed, misshapen, or treated with a pulpotomy (endodontic procedure). We use modern, advanced technology to create dental crowns that blend evenly with your child's smile for a seamless finish and natural appearance. When a child's oral needs call for a crown restoration, MINT kids is the pediatric team Dallas, TX parents trust to treat the smiles of those they love most.

Best Candidates

When a simple filling is not enough to restore a tooth, our skilled pediatric dentists may recommend a dental crown. These full-coverage restorations may be used to treat a variety of situations, including teeth that are extensively broken, decayed, misshapen, or discolored. If your child requires a pulpotomy procedure, a crown may be used afterward to cover and protect the treated tooth. At MINT kids, we only recommend dental crowns when absolutely necessary and will always take the most conservative approach to care when it comes to your little ones. During your consultation visit, we can discuss the types of crown materials available (tooth-colored porcelain or zirconia materials or stainless steel restorations) and help you choose the option right for your family's budget and child's oral health needs.

What To Expect

On the day of your child's crown procedure, our team will get your child seated comfortably in one of our treatment rooms and settled with a pair of our signature MINT sunglasses and Beats headphones, which are connected to our in-room TV. Throughout the crown visit, our trained pediatric dentists will explain to your child exactly what is happening so that they feel a part of the treatment process. We will then gently numb the tooth with local anesthetic. Sedation dentistry options are also available if you prefer to help keep your child calm and relaxed during the visit. The tooth will then be treated and a temporary crown may be placed to protect your child's tooth until the permanent restoration is prepared. When the permanent dental crown is ready, it will be bonded in place and adjusted as needed for a comfortable bite.


Following your child's crown visit, they can typically go about a normal daily routine. However, the effects of certain sedation solutions may take a few hours to wane. Our team will let you know when your child can return to their routine activities and will provide instructions on how to best care for your child's mouth after treatment. Any food restrictions or special cleaning needs will also be reviewed with you at that time. Please contact MINT kids right away if the crown becomes loose or falls out. It is best to avoid trying to repair it yourself as this could damage the crown or tooth and lead to the need for further care.

Insurance Coverage

Dental crowns are restorative procedures, for which many dental insurances do provide some coverage. Before getting started with your child's procedure, we will talk with your insurance provider and determine any personal expenses that you may incur. Our team at MINT kids wants every child to get the restorative care needed for a healthy smile. We will work with you to determine the right crown material and a payment option ideal for your family's budget.

Kid-Friendly Care

Teeth that are damaged or decayed may be better treated with a custom dental crown. Our skilled pediatric dentists at MINT kids is the team trusted with the smiles of Dallas, TX children and teens. We are ready to help your family enjoy quality results and beautiful smiles. Get in touch with our kid-friendly practice today to schedule your child's visit.

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