"MY EXPERIENCE HERE WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I was beyond nervous. But after being there meeting and greeting with everyone my nervousness went away. I had to get a tooth extracted and when I tell you Dr. Patel and her assistant did an amazing job. It was quick and easy. I would recommend anyone to come here. They are very friendly, patient and also very informative. THANKS YOU GUYS!!!👍❤"



"Our first visit at Mint Dentistry-Duncanville Location was spectacular. They have the best customer service ever! The Dr. Patee is just AMAZING! Very kind, gentle and sweet. The treatment from the moment you open the door is very friendly, they even give you free glasses, and put either music or your favorite show to make you feel like home. Their team has tremendous hospitality. We finally found our favorite dentist office!"



"Believe the hype, this place is pretty great. I HATE going to the dentist and so does my 7 year old daughter who had a terrible experience at another place and was horrified when I told her she had to go to the dentist. I took her last Friday 9/6 and everybody was so nice and patient with us. I went back for my appointment today 9/12 and had another great experience. I did have cavities that needed to be filled which they were able to do today which is good because I’m not sure I would have willingly gone back for that! The assistant I had, Marlene, and the hygienist, Frank, were so sweet and very thorough with letting me know what was happening, how things should feel, etc and made me feel much better about everything. I was cold when I first got in the chair and Marlene had them bring me a blanket which was not a cheap hospital blanket like I expected but a really soft Sherpa like blanket which actually helped a lot. And multiple people recognized me from last week when I brought my daughter in and said they were happy to see me back, even Frank who didn’t do my daughters cleaning but just recognized me. Every person that I interacted with seemed to genuinely care if I was comfortable so even without all the small perks like the headphones and Netflix, it’s their attitude that will have me coming back. Also, after paying my deductible, they had me sign up for this $5 a month plan to pay off the rest of the bill. I just came here to say that I normally don’t trust the hype for most companies but after reading some reviews I decided I would take a shot at it and I’m so glad I did."



"I love"



"The whole process from start to finish was awesome. Very clean, professional, and pleasant environment. Thank you to Karla and Marlene at the Duncanville location."




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I created MINT kids because I wanted to provide the best pediatric dentistry for my own kids. When you become a parent, you understand just how important it is to take care of your child in every way you can. Being a father means I get to take care of my family, my wife, my kids — that’s the job I love to do more than anything else in this world. That’s why MINT kids exists today — and that’s why MINT will be the best in pediatric dentistry. - Dr. Harrison

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